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Adult Education Centre Turku (Turun AKK) committed to providing quality education and supporting students’ employment and career development. As a multifaceted educational institution, we offer multidisciplinary vocational training and support businesses in Southwest Finland. Our mission is to create tomorrow’s top professionals by delivering high-quality education tailored to workforce needs. Our programs accommodate various life situations, providing personalized solutions based on each individual’s prior skills and education.

Welcome to study and develop into a professional at Turun AKK!

Vocational Education for Adults: On Life's Terms – For the Needs of the Workforce 

A Diverse Vocational Trainer

Turun AKK is more than just an educational institution. We provide multidisciplinary vocational training, support businesses in Southwest Finland, and strengthen vocational competence in our region.

Education as a Pathway to Employment

Education is one of the most effective routes to employment. Therefore, we train professionals in fields that are in high demand. We understand that life situations vary, and people need individualized solutions based on their previous skills and education. As one of the most experienced training providers in Southwest Finland, our high-quality education is a result of expert personnel, a strong understanding of the labor market, and close cooperation with companies.

 Extensive Training Offerings

We offer training in 12 different fields through continuous intake. You can complete basic, vocational, or specialist vocational qualifications, as well as various certificates, licenses, and card training. All qualifications can also be pursued through an apprenticeship. Additionally, our expert services provide companies in various fields with versatile opportunities to enhance their business by developing their employees’ skills. Our language of instruction is Finnish.

Individual Study Paths

We collaborate with each student to design study and career paths that fit their unique life situations. Our programs are practical, with education conducted in close cooperation with the working world, utilizing workplace learning. One of our primary goals is the rapid employment of our students.

Our Operations

Turun AKK is maintained by Turun Aikuiskoulutussäätiö sr, and we also operate our own apprenticeship office. Annually, nearly 5,000 students complete around 800 vocational qualifications and participate in numerous training courses, all closely aligned with the needs of local companies and employment services.

 Five Reasons to Choose Turun AKK

  1. You can start studying at any time throughout the year
  2. We do not require grade averages; your motivation to learn and suitability for the field are what matter.
  3. Education is tailored personally to you, focusing only on the knowledge and skills you need.
  4. Studies are largely conducted in real working-life settings and tasks.
  5. We support your studies and employment, including the possibility of an apprenticeship.
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