Adult Education Centre Turku, Turun Aikuiskoulutuskeskus in Finnish, offers a wide range of educational and training courses to match the needs the working life. Every day some 2500 students attend different kind of educational and training courses. On a yearly basis the figure is about 9000 students.

Wide range of services

The number and customisation of both self-motivated and qualification courses have been increased so that they could serve better the needs of our clientele and the companies in our economic region. Students can choose such training or education that suits their development needs and life situation, from virtual and e-learning to apprenticeship training and daily contact studies.

For companies we organize tailor-made courses.

We provide training and education in many areas i.e. business administration and information technology, machinery and metal, electrical and construction technology, social, healthcare & cleaning services, tourism and security pre-employment and working life preparation.

When planning and implementing the courses, we work in close co-operation with the companies of our region. Our present staff consists of 120 professionals as well as more than 200 part-time specialists of different educational fields.

Our turnover per year is over 15 million euros.


As a professional promoter of adult education we aim to improve the possibilities of success for individuals and companies. This we do working together with our co-operation networks.


Adult Education Centre Turku is appreciated by business life and organisations as a trailblazer in developing adults’ professional skills and knowledge.


  • Professionalism
  • Customer Orientation
  • Responsibility
  • Renewal